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Rim Joist Insulation

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The "rim joist" is the perimeter of the floor framing system along the exterior of the house. The joints and gaps between all the framing members allow for a lot of air leakage into the house. The rim joist is seldom insulated and never air sealed. This results in cold floors, drafty uncomfortable rooms, and higher heating cooling costs.
For this area we strongly recommend 2 part closed cell spray foam. With it's expanding properties we are able to ensure every gap is filled and sealed.

No insulation rim joist

Exposed Rim joist

The perimeter of your floor framing system is known as the, "rim joist". The gaps and penetrations in this area, especially where the framing meets the foundation allows for a lot of air leakage in your home. Standard methods of stuffing fiberglass in this area, seldom works and does not provide any type of air block. This accounts for cold floors above and high heating costs.

Sealed rim joist diagram.png

Rim Joist- Seal and insulate

Closed cell expanding foam should be installed on rim joist and overlap the sill plate. This will prevent cold air from being pulled in from the lower levels of the home. Other benefits include, keeping pests and small animals out, lower utility bills and more comfortable rooms.

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