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Crawlspace encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Common signs of a problem crawl space

• Musty smell in home• Increased allergies or asthma symptoms • Damp walls• Cold floors• Excessive rodent or insect activity• High heating or cooling bills• Uneven or warped floor boards• Dehumidifiers running constantly• Freezing pipes• Condensation 

Vented, Dirt Crawl Space

When most homes were built, crawl spaces were left unfinished to save on completion costs. Unfortunately these areas usually cause the most problems for homeowners. Cold floors in the winter and having to run dehumidifiers in the summer are usually the causes of an unsealed crawlspace.


Sealed and Insulated Crawl Space

By moving the thermal boundary to the outer walls of the crawlspace we are able to keep the floors above warm and prevent any pipes from freezing. A vapor barrier is installed to keep moisture and humidity down to acceptable levels.

vented dirt crawlspace.jpeg

Dirt crawl space under house?

Not only do dirt crawl spaces cause cold floors and high humidity, they are also a perfect environment for pests and mold to develop. Traditional fiberglass hung below the floor joists do not keep crawlspaces sufficiently sealed.

Vapor barrier.jpeg

Vapor barrier install with insulation

A sealed crawl space will keep your energy bills low, floors warm, pests out and relative humidity low. This will greatly reduce your need to run dehumidifiers in the summer and from excessive heat loss in winter.


Crawl space vapor barrier 

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