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Thinking of upgrading your home Insulation?

In most cases, the attic is where to start when it comes to upgrading insulation or planning a budget for new construction. The Department of Energy recommends R49 for attic spaces coupled with air sealing and proper ventilation. We can provide you with multiple options to best accommodate your project.

Attic Air Sealing

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Seal before you insulate

Before adding any additional insulation, it is crucial to properly seal all attic penetrations. This includes all ceiling fixtures, top plates, chases, and plumbing fixtures. Using spray foam or caulk our installers know where to find all these spots and ensure that they are sealed. With out air sealing your insulation just acts as a filter for air to escape through. As we heat our homes, hot air rises and will leak through any openings. Once sealed the new insulation can perform to its Rvalue.


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Proper attic ventilation

After air sealing, attic ventilation must be addressed. Ideally the outer eaves of your attic, the soffit area, should have holes cut along it to compliment a ridge vent at the peak of your roof. This system allows air to flow along the underside of your roof deck, keeping it cool in the summer months and preventing ice dams in the winter months. In order for the air to flow above the insulation, baffle vents must be installed at the soffit. This creates a channel for air to flow above the insulation. Without doing this you're likely to experience cold ceilings upstairs, or feel a breeze. Baffles should extend fully across each rafter and should be sealed at the top plate.

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