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Cantilevers or overhangs often are not properly sealed allowing cold air to get into the house and under the floor. Insulation is inadequate and does not stop air flow. This makes the floors cold, and contributes to more condensation on foundation walls and cold or freezing freezing pipes. Contact us today for more information.

Cantilever no insulation_edited.png

Cantilever with no insulation

When an overhang or cantilever is lacking insulation, the common problems are cold floors and high heating and cooling costs. Often these areas have just fiberglass insulation stuffed in them, which does little to nothing to stop cold air from being pulled in across the floors. 2nd floor bedrooms are usually significantly colder then 1st floor rooms.

Cantilever insulation.png

Sealed and Insulated Cantilever

By adding blocking and filling with Spray foam or "flash and batt" method our installers can prevent cold infiltration from this area. This will keep floors warm and heating and cooling bills low. Access to the cantilever is usually achieved by removing the underside of the soffit and then replacing when finished.

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