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Air Sealing

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The first and most crucial step for home insulation is air sealing. Our installers are trained to locate all areas that need to be sealed. Spray foam or caulk is used to seal and fill all building penetrations, gaps between studs, chases, top plates and around all fixtures. 

       In new construction it is required by code to air seal and fire block. When doing retrofit it is extremely important to air seal prior to adding new insulation. Adding insulation alone will not stop air flow and heat will still escape through the attic. This makes your insulation act only as a filter to warm air. By sealing all these weak spots, we are able to stop the flow of heat and allow the insulation to properly function.

Air seal before insulating

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Located in Syracuse, NY, we proudly offer insulation install services from Rochester thru Binghamton, NY and all towns in between.                                     

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