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Ice Dam Reduction

It’s All in the Details

One of the biggest issues we see, ice dams can create a real headache for homeowners. In most cases ice buildup along the roof eaves is due to accelerated melting of snow caused by lacking insulation/air sealing and ventilation. We specialize in attic retrofit work to seal all attic penetrations, add baffles with soffit venting and attic blown in insulation. 


Problem Attic Assembly-Ice dams due to heat loss and lacking ventilation

Insufficient insulation, no air sealing and lacking proper ventilation, this attic space is in need of repair. Light fixtures, top plates and chases into attic need to be sealed to stop air flow into attic. As we heat our homes hot air rises and escapes through the roof. In doing this snow at the peak begins to melt and then refreeze at the outer roof eaves. This cycle continues throughout winter, which could lead to roof and wall damage. In order to stop this insulation should be at R49 for Northern climates coupled with air sealing and roof ventilation.

lacking insulation and no attic ventilat

Solution-Attic air sealing and soffit to ridge ventilation

Craft Insulation Systems recommends using spray foam or caulk to seal all attic penetrations, top plates, electrical boxes etc. After this is complete baffle vents should be attached to roof deck and sealed at the outer top plate. Vents should extend above insulation levels. Finally, blown fiberglass or cellulose is installed for a final r-value of 49. This will keep our roof and attic spaces at our desired temperatures for both summer and winter. 


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