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Craft Insulation Systems is a fully insured insulation contracting company. With a strong and committed team, we are ready to tackle anything from the most complex and large scale construction projects to the smallest of repair jobs. We are fueled by our commitment of being the best in the industry and to go the extra mile to make sure our clients are completely satisfied with our work. Call or email to schedule a free estimate.

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We make homes more comfortable!

90% of homes in the United States are under insulated for their given climate region.  The most common signs of inadequate home insulation are drafty rooms, cold floors, roof ice dams, moisture issues and high heating and cooling costs.
Fortunately, these problems can be addressed, usually with minimal if any demolition or required new construction. In most cases the best practice is to focus on attic and basement areas.  When properly insulated, sealed attics and basements will stop the “stack effect” in your home. The stack effect refers to heat rising and drawing in cold air from lower levels. A chimney fireplace acts in the same way.  Our clients often contact us because of drafts or cold floors. When we stop the repetitive cycle of heated air leaving the house and cold air being pulled in, the result will be a more even temperature home that costs less to heat and cool. 

Our Services

Quality work at an affordable price. We are experts at all types of insulation.

Fiberglass Insulation Syracuse NY 13219

New Construction

From budget and planning phase to install, we’ve worked with top builders from Buffalo to Long Island and Pennsylvania. Our projects have included hundreds of single family homes, multi-family apartment complexes, hotels and even the York, Pa state police barracks. We can provide quotes based on prints or onsite visits. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Flash and Batt Insulation

A popular choice for those on a budget but still looking for the performance of a spray foam system. “Flash and batt” combines the air sealing and vapor barrier qualities of spray foam with the economical rvalue quality of fiberglass. Contact us today for more information.

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Air Sealing

Often overlooked, air sealing is critical for your attic insulation system. While a home is being built all sorts of holes, gaps and penetrations are created by other trades to run wires, plumbing etc. All these holes add up, allowing heat to flow through and reduce your insulation’s performance. We are trained to find all of these problem areas and seal with foam or caulk to provide a superior air seal.

Crawl Space Encapsulation 

A common building assembly flaw is a dirt crawl space. Traditional methods of insulating below the floors and venting the crawl space are now considered bad practice. Ideally the crawlspace should be encapsulated and included in the home building envelope. This will greatly reduce humidity, heating costs, cold floors and will keep pests and rodents out of your home. 


Attic Insulation 

In most cases, the attic is where to start when it comes to upgrading insulation or planning a budget for new construction. The Department of Energy recommends R49 for attic spaces coupled with air sealing and proper ventilation. We can provide you with multiple options to best accommodate your project.

Spray Foam Insulation 

Often described as "the best choice" Spray foam offers both a vapor barrier and high Rvalue per inch. This makes insulating more challenging areas an easier task. Older homes are not often framed to achieve modern insulating standards. With spray foam you are able to reach your needed rvalue even when working with 2X4 construction. Contact us to day for more information.


Rim Joist Insulation

The "rim joist" is the perimeter of the floor framing system along the exterior of the house. The joints and gaps between all the framing members allow for a lot of air leakage into the house. The rim joist is seldom insulated and never air sealed. This results in cold floors, drafty uncomfortable rooms, and higher heating/cooling costs.
For this area we strongly recommend 2 part closed cell spray foam. With it's expanding properties we are able to ensure every gap is filled and sealed.

Ice Dam Reduction

One of the biggest issues we see, ice dams can create a real headache for homeowners. In most cases ice buildup along the roof eaves is due to accelerated melting of snow caused by lacking insulation/air sealing and ventilation. We specialize in attic retrofit work to seal all attic penetrations, add baffles with soffit venting and attic blown in insulation. 


Cantilever  Insulation

Cantilevers or overhangs often are not properly sealed allowing cold air to get into the house and under the floor. Insulation is inadequate and does not stop air flow. This makes the floors cold, and contributes to more condensation on foundation walls and cold or freezing freezing pipes. Contact us today for more information.

Basement Insulation

Like a solid foundation, basement insulation is key to your home energy performance. Inadequate basement insulation allows cold air to be pulled into the home during cold months and moist humid air in the summer. This contributes to cold floors, moisture issues and high heating/cooling costs. 
We offer all types of basement insulation systems. From simple fiberglass blankets to complex foam and XPS or EPS board insulation, we can offer the best material for your home or projects specific needs.

We’ll work with you to find the insulation system that best suits your projects needs. No job too big or small. Call us today for a free estimate or consultation.

Multi-Family projects

New Construction Insulation Apartments.jpeg

The Landings at Meadowwood-Baldwinsville, NY 13027

 At nearly two years of being on the job site, this was one of our biggest projects. Located on Downer street in Baldwinsville NY, these 18 apartment buildings gave our company a chance to demonstrate our ability to meet deadlines and provide dependable work. 

Insulation Contractors Syracuse NY 13219

Woodland Acres Townhomes-Clay, NY 13090

These high end townhomes located in Clay, NY were another multi year project that we completed. Under the new building code established in 2018, these buildings were fully weatherized and fireblocked. Blown in insulation was installed to all the attic spaces for a uniform rvalue of 49. 

Dryden NY Insulation install company

Poets Landing-Dryden,NY 13053

This project was phase two of an affordable housing complex in Dryden, NY. No expense was spared on soundproofing. All interior walls and ceilings between units were soundproofed with r21 fiberglass insulation. Attic spaces had blown in fiberglass installed and all exterior walls received r21 with a full vapor barrier.


Very pleased with company and the time and patience they took in presenting their findings to us. They were neat, clean and very professional. Will recommend!

Mike and Euni-Manlius, NY

You guys did a good job with the other project we hired you for in November. Professional and hard working crew. The guys did a good job and are very personable.

Brendan- Baldwinsvile, NY

Installation guys were great, especially Paul who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Sue-Erieville, NY


How is Craft Insulation Systems LLC different from its competitors?

Our company goal is to provide high quality installs and consultation at an affordable price. We strive to beat expectations when it comes to contracting. We focus on communication, meeting deadlines, staying on budget and keeping the job site clean.

Unlike other insulation companies we are truly locally owned and operated. Many of our competitors are franchises or vendors of a certain insulation material that often use subcontractors. These companies might only offer spray foam insulation, or just fiberglass. Many dealers of Owens Corning products or similar fiberglass companies will not offer alternatives such as cellulose or foam board. We have no obligation to any insulation company or material. We work with multiple local vendors so that we can order the right material for the right application. 

What areas does Craft Insulation Systems LLC work in?

We offer full insulation services to Central New York, The southern tier, Finger lakes region, Catskills region, Northern Pennsylvania and more. Contact us today, we are always willing to travel. 

Will you install material I’ve already purchased?

Absolutely! We offer labor only install rates as low as .20 cents/Sqft for new construction and .30 cents/sqft retrofit work. 

What is Rvalue and why is that important?

Rvalue is a number that rates your insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. The higher the rvalue the greater the insulating power. In our northern climate most codes now require R49 for attic spaces and R21 for exterior walls. Most old homes we visit needing insulation upgrades are at R30 or lower in the attic and R13 on exterior walls. 

Where is insulation most important?

Ideally, your insulation should encompass your entire building envelope with no breaks working as a system. For retro fit work or old construction this can be hard and costly to fully achieve. In most cases though, adding sufficient attic insulation with air sealing will greatly reduce heat loss and provide added comfort. 

Thinking of going solar?

Now, more than ever home owners are making the switch to solar energy or geothermal heating. Reducing our own energy consumption is crucial for our future. Prior to adding new energy sources it is important to have a solid “shell”. Having you home sealed and insulated will reduce the energy needed to heat and cool. Often times we’ll find home owners who have upgraded their current furnaces or switched to solar only to find out they are not performing as they should. A, “tighter” home will require less solar panels or a significantly smaller furnace compared to a similar home with insufficient insulation. We have helped many home owners make the switch and become more energy efficient. 

Craft Insulation Systems LLC

Insulation Services for Better Living

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